Valley Stream Central High School District

Board of Education

Minutes ● March 4, 2014

              Committee Meeting              District Office Board Room              8:00 PM

                            1 Kent Road, Valley Stream, NY 11580

Call to Order

Attendee Name




Anthony Iadevaio




Elise Antonelli




Carolyn Torres




Donna LaRocco




Jeanne Greco Jacobs




Joseph DiSibio




Kenneth Cummings




Lawrence Trogel




Frank J. Chiachiere

Vice President



2.              Meeting Opened

On motion of Trustee Torres, seconded by Trustee DiSibio and carried unanimously, Trustee Cummings was named Board President Pro Tem, in the absence of Board President Antonelli and Board Vice President Chiachiere.


Trustee Cummings called the meeting to order at 7:31 p.m.. Upon motion of Trustee Trogel, seconded by Trustee Iadevaio and approved unanimously the Board entered into Executive Session for the employment history of a particular person, for the discussion regarding proposed pending and current litigation and for collective negotiations pursuant to Article 14 of the civil service law (The Taylor Law).


At 8:01 p.m. The Board came out of Executive Session and entered into Public Session.

Draft Agenda for March 11, 2014 Business Meeting

Draft Minutes

1.              Draft Minutes of February 4, 2014 Committee Meeting

RESULT:              DISCUSSED

2.              Draft Minutes of February 11, 2014 Business Meeting

RESULT:              DISCUSSED

Discussion Items

1.              Board/Supt Goal: to Give VSCHSD Parents Greater Access to the District's Student Information System

District Director of Guidance, Jill Vogel, gave a presentation regarding the Parent Portal.  There is so much available to both the parents and students, through the parent portal.   The district has the option to open up  a new section in the Parent Portal entitled "Grade Book."  Ms. Vogel walked the Board and community members through the screens that would be available, should the District decide to open Grade Book.  The Superintendent added that the hesitation is that it is the teacher's choice as to whether they want to post to the Grade Book or not.   We want to increase communication; not miscommunication.   In order for Grade Book to work the way it should, further professional development would need to be done.  Trustee Trogel felt that we need to start somewhere and get the teachers involved more and more.


The consensus of the Board is to go ahead with the full options of Grade Book.


Ms. Vogel stated that it will not roll out right away as some development is needed.

RESULT:              DISCUSSED

2.              Superintendent's Proposed 2014-15 Budget

Dr. Heidenreich reviewed the proposed budget for the 2014-2015 school year.  The proposed 1.49% tax levy increase will allow the District to restore staffing, courses and help the District expand on 21st century learning initiatives.  This is the lowest tax levy increase in many years, however, it will require a super majority vote (60% of the voters)  The Superintendent thinks it might be smart to reach out to the community.  Perhaps an online survey.  We could notify the community through the Herald as well as an email blast to parents.  Trustee Trogel asked how you can get community members involved that do not have children in the schools?  Dr. Heidenreich said that is where the Herald comes in 


The Superintendent recommended that the Board approve the budget at the March 11th Business Meeting.  Changes can always be made to it after it is approved.  Trustee Jacobs agreed as in this allowed more time to get the  budget out to the community and to educate the community about the budget.  Trustee Cummings polled the Board and the consensus was to put the budget on the March 11th agenda for approval. 


Trustee DiSibio asked for the budget line by line in Excel so he can see percent change.  Dr. Loper said he would send that out in an email.

RESULT:              DISCUSSED

3.              Trustee question about criminal activities in school buildings

Trustee Torres asked to have further information provided regarding:

1)              is there a policy for procedures with regard to how criminal activities in the schools are handled?

2)              is it a small population that is identified as causing the problems?

3)              is there a program in place with the police in order to make an arrest at the school building more discreet?


Dr. Heidenreich responded that this can be further discussed at the March 11th meeting as well as perhaps having a presentation done by the 5th precinct. 


Motion to Adjourn

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.


MOVER:              Lawrence Trogel, Trustee

SECONDER:              Joseph DiSibio, Trustee

AYES:              Iadevaio, Torres, LaRocco, Jacobs, DiSibio, Cummings, Trogel

ABSENT:              Elise Antonelli, Frank J. Chiachiere



Mary E. Colgan

District Clerk