Valley Stream Central High School District

Board of Education

Minutes ● December 3, 2013

              Committee Meeting              District Office Board Room              8:00 PM

                            1 Kent Road, Valley Stream, NY 11580

The Board will enter into Executive Session at 7: 45 p.m. and will re-enter Public Session at 8:00 PM

Call to Order

Attendee Name




Anthony Iadevaio




Elise Antonelli




Carolyn Torres




Donna LaRocco




Jeanne Greco Jacobs




Joseph DiSibio




Kenneth Cummings




Lawrence Trogel




Frank J. Chiachiere

Vice President



2.              Meeting Opened

Board President Antonelli called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM. Upon motion of Trustee Cummings , seconded by Trustee Chiachiere and approved unanimously the Board entered into Executive Session for the employment history of a particular person, for the discussion regarding proposed pending and current litigation and for collective negotiations pursuant to Article 14 of the civil service law (The Taylor Law).


At 8:05 PM the Board came out of Executive Session and entered into Public Session.

Draft Agenda for December 10, 2013 Executive Session and Business Meeting

Dr. Nekulak stated that the Policy Committee had met prior to Executive Session that evening.  The Committee discussed two polices that are in need of updates.  There were some questions for the attorney before any changes can be made to the policies.

Draft Minutes

1.              Draft Minutes of November 5, 2013 Committee Meeting

RESULT:              DISCUSSED

2.              Draft Minutes of November 12, 2013 Business Meeting

RESULT:              DISCUSSED

Discussion Items

1.              Board/Superintendent Retreat - Follow-Up

Dr. Heidenreich stated that all 9 Board of Education members attended the Board of Education/Superintendent Retreat that was held on November 23rd.  Everyone felt that a lot was accomplished that day and Board Vice President Chiachiere said that a solid strategic plan for the future was looked at.  The Superintendent will discuss the goals with cabinet at the next Cabinet meeting.   In addition, he felt it would be good to discuss one goal a month at the Committee Meetings.

RESULT:              DISCUSSED

2.              Common Core Regents Exams

Dr. Troisi provided an overview of the Common Core Regents Exams.  There have been changes in the Algebra I (accelerated 8th grade) and 11th Grade English Regents.  The District is required to pilot the new common core algebra regents in early June.   Students will also be allowed to take the old algebra regents during the regular testing period.  The Superintendent will recommend that students be permitted to take both tests; the highest score of the two will be recorded.


Board President Antonelli asked if the students have to take both tests.  Dr. Troisi responded that they will be encouraged to as it is in their best interest.   Trustee Torres inquired if these students will be prepared differently because of the added stress?  Dr. Troisi said that he didn't think that there was a greater stress level involved since the tests are weeks apart.  Board Vice President Chiachiere suggested that perhaps it should be brought to the attention of the Guidance Department that there might be added anxiety involved with students taking the two regents.


There is a similar situation with the AP English Regents.  It is being suggested that our grade 11 AP English Language students take the old Regents in January and take the Common Core Regents in June and again, the higher score of the two will be recorded.  Although the District is not required to administer the new Regents until 2016, this will give teachers a "sneak" preview of the new exam and staff can get familiar with the expectations three years in advance (for the current 9th graders).

RESULT:              DISCUSSED

3.              Historical Overview of Budget

As the budget season is approaching, the Superintendent provided an overview of the District budget history.  With the decrease in state aid and the 2% tax cap, the District has had to take a hard look at how to continue services while staying within the required tax cap.  Administrators reviewed budget cuts and their effects, between the 2007/08 and 2013/14 budget years. 


Dr. Loper then gave a brief idea of what can be expected with the 2014/15 budget.   By paying off the bond this year, the District is in the unique position of having a negative tax levy.   This allows the District two options; one being the District stays within the tax cap limit which would require over $2 million in cuts or the District could pierce the tax cap and save all of the District's programs.  Should the budget be defeated, required cuts would be approximately $868,000.    Dr. Heidenreich and Dr. Loper wanted to provide this information to the Board and the community prior to the annual buildings tour and budget meeting on January 11, 2014.

RESULT:              DISCUSSED


Motion to Adjourn

On motion of Trustee Iadevaio, seconded by Trustee LaRocco and carried unanimously, the Board adjourned at 9:27 p.m.


MOVER:              Anthony Iadevaio, Trustee

SECONDER:              Donna LaRocco, Trustee

AYES:              Iadevaio, Antonelli, Torres, LaRocco, Jacobs, DiSibio, Cummings, Chiachiere

ABSENT:              Lawrence Trogel



Mary E. Colgan

District Clerk